This campaign appeared on QMS NZ from March 13th, 2017.

Lipton Ice Tea

Lipton weather campaign refreshes commuters

Lipton’s weather campaign uses current weather conditions to promote Ice Tea in digital out-of-home. Commuters through the Britomart Station in Auckland are informed of the temperature alongside a weather condition icon. And when humidity is high, it switches to display the humidity percentage – when a Lipton Ice Tea is even more refreshing!

Data Integration Options

Integration of data into out-of-home can work in two ways. We can either take content from the feed and incorporate it into the creative on the fly, applying custom filters to ensure the content is relevant and will look good in your template. So you can display the latest stock prices, sports headlines or whatever content that will engage your target market. This Lipton campaign works like this with a feed of weather data.

Otherwise, we can analyse the content of the feed and make decisions about which of your prepared content to display. For example, if a price hits a particular threshold, or a certain keyword is found. This is what we call a Data Trigger Campaign.

Lipton Weather Campaign based on RSS Feeds for Digital Out-of-Home