This campaign appeared on QMS Media from March 5, 2018.

Visit Victoria

Counting down Autumn, minute-by-minute

Visit Victoria is displaying a live minute-by-minute countdown in their digital out-of-home campaign. The campaign highlights the limited time to enjoy Victoria during Autumn by counting down to the end of the season. Visit Victoria’s countdown campaign is displaying on key Victorian sites across QMS’s digital network.

Custom Campaign Options

Besides countdowns, we can integrate data into out-of-home in two other ways. We can either take content from the feed and incorporate it into the creative on the fly, applying custom filters to ensure the content is relevant and will look good in your template. So you can display the latest stock prices, sports headlines or whatever content that will engage your target market.

Otherwise, we can analyse the content of the feed and make decisions about which of your prepared content to display. For example, if a price hits a particular threshold, or a certain keyword is found. This is what we call a Data Trigger Campaign.

Visit Victoria Countdown Campaign for Digital Out-of-Home