This campaign appeared on QMS Media from November 20th, 2016. Media by Mindshare.


Pollen count triggers Dyson DOOH creative

To make Dyson’s campaign accurate, doohfa sourced the only evidence-based pollen count data in Melbourne. So every day of their digital out-of-home campaign, Dyson’s creative reflects the actual pollen activity in the the air that day.

Pollen Count Data Integration

We can integrate data, such as pollen count, into digital out-of-home in two ways. One way is to take the data from the feed and incorporate it into creative on the fly. We apply custom filters to ensure the content is relevant and will look good in the creative template. But with the pollen count for Dyson, the data is ‘grains per cubic metre’ – so not exactly meaningful to the general public.

We therefore prepared one of the second data integrations for Dyson, what we call a Data Trigger Campaign. We analyse the content of the RSS feed and make decisions about which prepared creative to display. In this campaign, there were low, moderate and high artworks so we set corresponding thresholds.

Apply the same ‘trigger’ approach to other data to create great dynamic digital-out-of-home executions. Such as if a price hits a particular threshold, or a certain temperature is hit. We can even look for particular keywords as triggers.

Dyson Pollen Count Campaign based on RSS Feeds for Digital Out-of-Home