Our tech resolves content delivery to digital out-of-home networks so it’s quick, easy and cost-effective to create truly integrated and dynamic campaigns.

Lazy Yak Data Trigger Campaign appeared on QMS Media from June 13th, 2016. Media by MediaCom; Creative by Clemenger BBDO.

We take care of digital out-of-home technology

We built a web-based app to deliver content to digital out-of-home networks

  • one campaign, multiple networks
  • any network media player
  • static, animated or video content

We added features for dynamic campaigns

  • drag & drop calendar for dayparting
  • scheduling by location
  • creative playlists
  • custom templates
  • text and image updates
  • creative previewing
  • social media rights management
  • campaign reporting
  • fallback images

And can now quickly and easily develop custom integrations

ANZ Custom Campaign appeared on QMS Media from February 9th, 2017. Media by PHD Media; Creative by Whybin TBWA.

Why doohfa’s a game changer for brands

One production process, one production fee

Why pay each network to develop your dynamic campaign, when doohfa can do it once and deliver it to all networks?

Cherry-pick sites to suit your media strategy

With production budgets not wedded to networks, you can select the sites that will deliver the targeted reach you need.

Focus on your killer creative strategy

By consolidating your production budget, it will go further towards the right dynamic integration to engage your target market.

No need to reinvent the wheel

Not only have we bundled up campaign features into off-the-shelf campaigns, our delivery framework makes it simple to plug in custom campaigns.

One production process, one point of contact

No matter how simple or complex your out-of-home campaign is, we make sure we’re on the end of the phone to help manage the process.

Off-the-shelf campaigns can be live within hours

While we’ve standardised campaign features to get your campaign in market quicker, we custom code every dynamic template for brand integrity.

Data trigger or custom campaigns can be live within days

We can plug all sorts of custom integrations into doohfa’s delivery framework. We even have commonly required data subscriptions ready to go.

Independent and consistent campaign reporting

Our servers deliver each piece of creative content, so we can tell you exactly what appeared at each location, even drilling down to the minute.

Beams Instagram Competition appeared on The Living Mall, Central Park Sydney and APN Outdoor on September 17th, 2016. Creative by doohfa.

Save even more by white labelling doohfa

If you’re a network or agency planning multiple campaigns across the same screens, paying by campaign can double up on doohfa’s delivery costs. But by investing in doohfa’s Annual Licence for the screens you intend to use, delivery costs are covered and you only need to worry about production.

Call Dave or Neice on +61 2 9281 5544 to see if doohfa is the solution you’re looking for. We’d be happy to demonstrate the system and run proof of concept campaigns.

Annual License inclusions

  • Basic branding including logo, colour palette and login page with subdomain: ‘yournetwork.doohfa.com
  • Off-the-shelf content modules ( Text, Images, Instagram, Twitter ) – upgraded as more are added
  • Demo campaigns and marketing materials to share with prospects
  • Concept consultation assistance with ideas for your network
  • Network set-up including topology, permissions and configuration
  • Ongoing software upgrades and bug fixes applied for you as they become available
  • Hosting in a high security data centre with 99.99% uptime – all IT is taken care of including backups
  • Phone support including assistance configuring, using and administering doohfa