This campaign appeared on goa from May 8th, 2017.


Art auction live in digital out-of-home

“There’s an old saying about doing things because you can, rather than because you should. There’s a high degree of difficulty creating Outdoor campaigns that use tech and innovation well. There are a lot of things a brand CAN do in this space; the challenge comes in what a brand SHOULD do – use tech in Outdoor to bring the idea to life, enhance it, and engage the audience,” said guest judge Alison Tilling, Head of Planning, BMF.

“The Anglicare ‘Arts&Minds’ campaign stood out for me because it is an absolute “should”. It was executed to a very high standard, used technology in ways that added both meaning and excitement to the idea, and was carefully considered from start to finish – the way the artists were chosen, sensitivity to the subject matter and the exhibition at the end. It’s a great campaign for a great cause, and a very worthy category winner and quarterly Grand Prix winner,” Alison concluded.

Anglicare displayed a live Art Auction in digital out-of-home as part of their Arts&Minds initiative.

Arts&Minds supports people living with mental health challenges. It invites them, and others who make art to support their mental wellbeing, to create and share a work of art – live, via goa’s state of the art digital billboard network.

The Arts&Minds team upload to the doohfa platform an image of an artwork as it is created and becomes available for auction. The web-app integrates it into their custom template and provides a preview of the six different sizes online. The Arts&Minds team then add it to their playlist, scheduling it using doohfa’s drag and drop calendar.

Throughout the campaign, the latest auction bid is simply typed in, resulting in a very immediate outdoor campaign.

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Winner: Best Use of Technology/Innovation – Outdoor Media Associations Creative Quarter 2, 2017.

Q2 Grand Prix Winner – Outdoor Media Associations Creative Quarter 2, 2017.

Arts&Minds' Art Auction Dynamic Campaign for Digital Out-of-Home

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