This campaign appeared on goa from November 20th, 2017.

Brisbane Broncos

Broncos show their members they’re the best

Brisbane Broncos are using doohfa’s off-the-shelf Dynamic Campaign to individually thank their 2018 members. The campaign, displayed across THE goa GRID™, the extensive network of digital billboards across Brisbane, is localised to maximise the likelihood that each Broncos member will see their name up in lights near their home. The campaign is further tailored, with creative featuring a ‘male’ and ‘female’ background to reflect the diversity of their membership.

Throughout the campaign, the Broncos’ marketing team simply selects the localised drag-and-drop schedule they’d like to update in the doohfa platform. They then type in the member’s name & location and select their preferred creative background. The web-app integrates the text into their custom template and provides a preview of the various sizes online.

The result is a very personalised outdoor campaign that demonstrates in 30 foot high lights that the Broncos think their supports are the best.

More about doohfa’s Dynamic Campaign

doohfa’s off-the-shelf Dynamic Campaign type is perfect for brands using creative templates. Simply nominate the text and images within your artwork that you’d like to make unlimited changes to. We fix the positioning and fonts of these dynamic elements ready for you to update from any web-browser, at any time.

Consequently, brands save on artworking costs while always looking great in out-of-home. And their creative will always feature the most relevant content, updated at any time of the day or night.

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Brisbane Broncos Dynamic Digital Out-of-Home Campaign