This campaign appeared on goa from July 17th, 2017.

YMCA of Brisbane

A ratty dynamic campaign

YMCA are displaying cheesy fun in their outdoor creative to encourage participation in their annual Rate Race fundraising event. Using doohfa, playlists of dynamic creative are created and scheduled throughout the campaign to keep it fresh. This also allows YMCA to create targeted messaging to reflect the stages of their campaign – such as awareness, ticket sales and a selfie competition.

The YMCA team upload to the doohfa platform various team images or selfies submitted to them for use. The web-app integrates it into their custom campaign template and provides a preview of the six different sizes online. The YMCA team craft a cheesy headline to accompany the image and add it to their playlists, scheduling them using doohfa’s drag and drop calendar.

The result is a highly varied and relevant outdoor campaign.

YMCA of Brisbane provides a variety of community support, with this event specifically raising funds to provide breakfast to children across Queensland. The worthy cause has been selected to be part of goa’s Community Partnership Program.

More about doohfa’s Dynamic Campaign

doohfa’s off-the-shelf Dynamic Campaign type is perfect for brands using creative templates. Simply nominate the text and images within your artwork that you’d like to make unlimited changes to. We fix the positioning and fonts of these dynamic elements ready for you to update from any web-browser, at any time.

Consequently, brands save on artworking costs while always looking great in out-of-home. And their creative will always feature the most relevant content, updated at any time of the day or night.

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Dynamic Digital Out-of-Home Campaign for YMCA Rat Race