This campaign appeared on goa from July 22nd, 2017.

Griffith University

Griffith Uni challenges you to #BeRemarkable

Griffith University challenges you to #BeRemarkable. They then post the resulting Instagram content into their digital out-of-home campaign using doohfa’s off-the-shelf Instagram Campaign.

The promotion for their university Open Days involves prospective students sharing pictures of themselves at the events.

In doohfa, Griffith search the campaign hashtag in real-time, and select the best images to insert into their out-of-home creative. They request permission from contributors as they go, and content automatically go lives when approved. It’s an opportunity to engage prospective students to #BeRemarkable.

Their creative is therefore always highly relevant, authentic and looking great.

#BeRemarkable Instagram in Griffith Uni's digital out-of-home