This campaign appeared on goa from April 4th, 2016.


#CreateWelcome campaign reaches one million

As part of goa’s commitment to their community, they partnered with MDA to bring #CreateWelcome to life. The social media campaign was activated in outdoor with doohfa’s Instagram Campaign product. The campaign was highly successful, reaching 3.3 million impressions on social media.

“goa is using our network of multimedia billboard technology to help create a positive social environment in Queensland, welcoming new arrivals and promoting inclusion from the broader community. Our billboard network currently reaches over two million people a week, so it is exciting to use it for the greater good on the #CreateWelcome campaign, alongside MDA’s wealth of experience in the multicultural sector,” says goa Chief Executive, Chris Tyquin.

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Winner: Best Use of Technology/Innovation – Outdoor Media Associations Creative Quarter 2, 2016.

#CreateWelcome Instagram Campaign for Digital Out-of-Home