This campaign appeared on goa from January 4th, 2016.


RSPCA shares the faces of #PopupAdoption

RSPCA incorporated #PopupAdoption Instagram content into their digital out-of-home campaign using doohfa’s off-the-shelf Instagram Campaign.

RSPCA promoted the Pop Up Adoption event on their social media accounts with pictures of adorable potential pets who would be in attendance. So there was great content ready to share to the big screen.

In doohfa, RSPCA searched their hashtag in real-time, and selected the latest images to insert into their out-of-home creative. They also updated their headline so their creative was always highly relevant, fresh and looking great.

The event’s success was also highlighted in out-of-home with their creative updated with loveable faces as they became newly adopted.

RSPCA's #PopupAdoption Instagram Campaign for Digital Out-of-Home