This campaign appeared on goa and QMS Media from October 23rd, 2017.

Network Ten

25% share personalised splash pages

Network Ten promoted the premiere of homegrown drama, Sisters, with a digital out-of-home and social media integration. The promotion invited people to Instagram and tag their ‘Sisters’ images for a chance to win, and to see their image on large format billboards across the country.

The Ten marketing team used the doohfa platform to hand-select user-generated content to appear on large format screens around the nation. doohfa integrated each Instagram image into 20x different sizes of the Sisters creative and delivered the creative to digital billboards across 2x DOOH media networks and 4x time zones.

Each person whose image was selected to appear on screen received a personalised comment on their Instagram from the Ten team. The comment included an opt-out code, but more significantly a unique URL for the person to visit and see their image in the Sisters creative on a giant billboard.

This 2-way social media engagement was a great success, with 50% of people visiting their unique URL to view the image. The personalised splash page included their unique creative mocked into a billboard, a trailer for the series, and links through to the Sisters page on Tenplay.

Visitors were encouraged to share their personalised page. 49% of the personalised splash pages visited were then shared to Facebook and Twitter, expanding the reach of the campaign. For each splash page visited, 9 friends also visited.

“This is a great example of how doohfa’s off-the-shelf ‘Instagram competition’ product, with its personalised landing page add-on, is an integrated campaign with measurable value,” said Neice Waddington, doohfa’s Project Director.

Network Ten #SistersAU Instagram Competition in Digital Out-of-Home