This campaign appeared on goa and QMS Media from August 31st, 2016. Creative by doohfa.

Nine Network

Complexity of multiple brands solved

Every show on the Nine Network features a completely different look and feel. So there’s no simple way to create a dynamic digital out-of-home template.

Advertising each show’s time slot compounds complexity. Time slots need to be displayed relative to when the artwork is appearing on screen, such as ‘Starts Sunday’, ‘Starts Tomorrow’ or ‘Starts Tonight 6.30’ to suggest a few. So you can imagine the amount of material produced is vast, and scheduling it involved.

doohfa’s Static Campaign type firstly enables Nine to upload their finished artwork into playlists ready for scheduling. They therefore retain complete off-line control of their design.

Add to this doohfa’s drag and drop calendar, and keeping on top of scheduling the high quantity of material is easy. There’s no need to prepare and relay material instructions to the network to implement – so much quicker and easier!

Nine Network's Static Campaign for Digital Out-of-Home