Privacy Policy

doohfa enables brands to dynamically update a branded layout with text and images to broadcast to digital billboards and screens. Sometimes, brands may source text and images from Twitter or Instagram to use in their campaigns. This policy explains how doohfa handles social media content, and how doohfa’s processes assist brands and the digital screen networks to manage social media content rights. We’ll update this page from time to time when we add improvements to doohfa.

How it works

Off to the Right start

It all starts with a Brand defining the campaign and Usage Rights so that everyone knows how any social media content will be used.

The Brand may seek Royalty-free Rights to be able to use and re-use the social media content for free, irrespective of the media, volume or time period.

The Brand may seek Restricted Rights to be able to use the social media content for free in specific media, for a set time period, within a certain location. As a minimum this will include the digital billboards that doohfa will broadcast to, and may also include some other media like print ads. Each media will have a defined start and end date, minimum size and the location or region of use.

In some instances, the Brand may run a social media competition where they must

  • define a single, specific competition hashtag (preferably brand-related and nothing generic)
  • include proper attribution to the content Contributor
  • restrict Usage Rights to media broadcast to by doohfa, and the personalised webpage generated by doohfa (must not be Royalty-free)
  • publish Usage Rights and alternative opt-out instructions prominently when publicising the competition (usually on their website and in their competition terms & conditions).

This doesn’t mean the Brand owns any copyright to that hashtag. It just allows the Brand to manage the competition rapidly for maximum effect.

Discovering great content

Then the fun begins! The Brand searches Twitter and Instagram for content relevant to their brand to share with the wider community through their campaign.

If the Brand is running a social media competition, they are limited to searching the single specific competition hashtag. The Brand doesn’t own this competition hashtag, and doesn’t automatically broadcast every piece of content with this hashtag – they will be curating content that also matches the other criteria for their competition.

In doohfa:

  • Only public content can be searched
  • Each search is done live – nothing’s cached or stored for future use

Contacting rights owners

When the Brand finds something suitable, they contact the person who owns the content rights to the text or image (the Contributor) via the social media platform where they discovered the content. This will be in the form of a personal comment or reply posted to the content with details of a Campaign Keyword and a Campaign URL.

The Contributor can view a preview of how the campaign creative looks and review the intended Usage Rights on the Campaign Webpage. The Contributor can then post a comment back from their social media account (therefore as the authenticated media rights owner) and include the Campaign Keyword to indicate permission for the Brand to use their content.

In the case where the Contributor’s content is tagged with a very specific competition hashtag, the Contributor can view a preview of how their content looks in the campaign creative and review the Usage Rights being exercised and choose to withdraw their content by using the Campaign Keyword.

The content usage rights for each campaign will be different. Each campaign’s landing page will inform Contributors of the organisation seeking the rights, and details of the rights being sought (Royalty-free or Restricted). When Restricted Rights are being sought, the start & end dates, medium, minimum size and location of use (where possible, the number of digital billboards and specific locations will be included) are outlined for that particular campaign.

To do this, doohfa

  • collects data related only to the specific piece of content:
    • the tweet text and its ID, associated handle & display name
    • the Instagram image, its id and caption, associated username & display name
  • doesn’t collect any other personal information like profile info
  • incorporates the selected image or text and username or display name into the Brand’s template and creates a new piece of Preview media restricts the Preview media from being broadcast by doohfa
  • for competition campaigns, generates a webpage at the unique URL to display the Preview media, and may display the stored caption, username, and/or display name
  • searches comments and statuses for the campaign keyword as a rights management mechanism
  • stores the above data and webpage securely on doohfa’s Australian server until either:
    • usage rights are granted, in which case the data and media is then managed according to the specific usage rights agreement;
    • usage rights are denied, in which case the Instagram image or tweet and the Preview media continue to be restricted from broadcast and are erased at the end of the campaign; or
    • the end date of the campaign, at which time the Instagram image or tweet and the Preview media are erased.

Displaying great campaigns

We love making campaigns look great. This is why doohfa shares an example of the creative on the campaign landing page so that potential Contributors may review the visual context, design and any likely cropping. The Preview provided to the Contributor on the personalised webpage is one size of the actual images being broadcast by doohfa.

And credit where credit is due! doohfa advocates campaign creative including attribution to the content Contributor. This is why proper attribution is a requirement of any Instagram photo competition.

Brands use doohfa to schedule all sorts of content for broadcast across digital billboard and screen networks. To do this,

  • doohfa delivers the Preview media via RSS or HTML5 to the digital screen network
  • The media players that operate the billboards may cache a copy of the media to play out locally, in accordance with the Brand’s Usage Rights

Your Rights

You can contact us at any time to get a copy of the personal information held about you by doohfa. You can also ask us to correct that information and, where relevant, erase that information.

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