This campaign appeared on Adshel from March 7th, 2016. Media by Connect; Creative and production by doohfa.

Connect Macquarie Park

Transport options for frustrated commuters

Connect Macquarie Park is a joint venture between Transport NSW, Ryde Council and the business of Macquarie Park.

The remit of Connect is to unlock the gridlock on the roads by encouraging other transport options including rail, bus, cycling and ride-sharing.

This Adshel campaign utilised specific bus shelter locations with tailored messages aimed at frustrated car commuters sitting idle in traffic.

The creative was designed using a distinctive illustrative style to make it stand apart from other advertising. The illustrative designs, combined with short and punchy headlines had the desired impact and we are now into planning for the third phase of Adshel activity.

Needless to say we can’t wait for more digital sites to be available in the area so doohfa can dynamically update the campaign to more closely match commuter patterns.

Connect Macquarie Park Traditional Campaign for Out-of-Home