This campaign appeared on APN Outdoor, oOh! Media, Adshel and Sydney Trains from May 18th, 2015. Media by MediaCom; Creative by doohfa.

Universal Pictures

Painting the town yellow with Minions

Unless you live in an alternate childhood-free reality, you will have experienced the Minions-mania that seized Sydney when the film touched down in early 2015.

A unique partnership with Sydney Trains was an opportunity to take the Minions outdoor campaign to the next level, literally painting the town yellow with a network-wide immersion on trains, platforms, stations and surrounds.

For the train network, doohfa worked with Universal Pictures from concept to deployment – adapting the global character art into tongue-in-cheek safety messaging for multiple out-of-home media platforms.

A variety of wall, floor and spandral decals, digital billboards, banners, posters and animated content for Xtracks and digital out-of-home completed the takeover.

In the world beyond, minions invaded street furniture and bus sides – a total city takeover!

Minions Traditional Campaign for Out-of-Home