This campaign appeared on goa from May 18th, 2015.

St Vincent de Paul Society

Vinnies takes #CEOSleepout to the streets

Vinnies incorporated #CEOSleepout Twitter content into their digital out-of-home campaign using doohfa’s off-the-shelf Twitter Campaign.

Vinnies, their ambassadors and participants promoted the CEO Sleepout event on their social media accounts. So there was great content ready to share to the big screen.

In doohfa, Vinnies searched their hashtag in real-time, and selected the latest tweets to insert into their out-of-home creative. This made for creative that was always highly relevant and fresh.

One of the challenges of working with Twitter content in out-of-home is the really long character length of a tweet. You need to consider the dwell-time of the outdoor media you select. doohfa also helps address the challenge by flagging content that will fit within the character limit of your creative template, so your creative will always look great.

Another creative challenge is hashtags and links being irrelevant and unsightly. You may need to consider a creative strategy that moves away from directly using Twitter content.

doohfa’s off-the-shelf Twitter Campaign is just one creative approach to integrating Twitter and it may not work for you. We can help you with this by producing your custom campaign. Perhaps you’d like to visualise your Twitter Poll, or power your creative with tweets.